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The End of America or a New Beginning?

A Game of Trump doesn’t propose to answer that question. Nonetheless, we’re clearly living in an era of great change. Many of the seemingly unshakable institutions & political norms that we’ve known for the past 60 years could very well disappear, or at least significantly change.

The goal of this site is simple: to document the Presidency of Donald J. Trump & the many changes I expect to see as a result. Changes within the United Sates, and abroad.

A Game of Trump is apolitical. I’m not taking sides or pushing an agenda. As we progress over the coming years, I hope this site will provide narrative to any changes we see.

Each slide on the timeline will focus on a major news story or theme from the day. The slides contain images & videos relating to the topic, as well as links to relevant news articles.

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About AGOT

My name is William Kelly. I’m a 40-something husband & father of three running this site in my spare time.

As an amateur historian & political junkie, I thought it would be interesting to create a platform to document the Trump years.

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